Inmate Transformation, Awareness, & Growth through Movement, Mindfulness, and Teachings of the Dharma.

"For the past year, three volunteers have been leading Buddhism, yoga and meditation classes for inmates at Goochland Women’s Correctional Facility outside of Richmond. WMRA’s Kara Lofton reports..."

PriZEN is an outreach program created for women at the Goochland Correctional Facility in Goochland, Virginia. We teach Buddhism, Yoga, and Meditation classes to help bring understanding and awareness to the individual, which allows an opportunity to heal and grow through the power of observing and quieting the mind. The classes have been highly successful as a means for the women to regain their power, confidence, and ability to bring awareness to every situation be it stressful or peaceful.  

If you are interested in donating materials such as mala beads, blank journals, yoga mats, books or DVD’s on Buddhism, Zen, Meditation, or if you are a practitioner that would like to volunteer your time, please email us.


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